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Thank you all for a most unusual Rocker 2020. While we have faced the challenges of COVID restrictions, we have found ways to stick together.

Welcome 2021 – New Opportunities; New Beginnings; New ways to be Happy… So… I googled Keys to happiness because that’s how I see all of our Rockers. Even during the dark and painful times, the COVID times, and the shocking weird times, I’ve never known any Rocker who has complained or kvetched. You only see the best life has to offer.  

And what do you know? The script for Happiness ( is what is inherent in all of you. Let me share the 10 keys as related and modified by my own “Rocker” interpretation:

  1. Giving! You give to each other and care for others. You CARE and reach out to Rockers (and others) in need! 
  2. Relating! You connect with one another in all things Rocker and life! You LAUGH and EAT and share Rocker stories!
  3. Exercising! You take care of yourselves – mentally and physically. You PLAY with Rocker friends – You KNOW the list! 
  4. Awareness! You are mindful and take notice! You LISTEN and care and reach out with Rockers.
  5. Learning! You are up for new things, new ideas, new challenges! You EXPLORE & TRY new Rocker events – (what is Pickle Ball again?)!
  6. Have Goals! You care about future opportunities! You PLAN & ACT & fill your Rocker Calendar! (When there is a calendar to fill…cross your fingers for 2021!)
  7. Resilient! When you fall down, you stand right back up! You focus on the POSITIVE and HEAL with the help of your Rocker friends!
  8. Emotional Strength! You find joy, gratitude, & inspiration. Your GLASS IS HALF FULL (of Wine or Hot Cocoa with Rockers)! (And when you are rightfully down, Rockers WILL LIFT you up.)
  9. Acceptance! You are happy and kind to YOURSELF and Others. Your ROCKER HEART is OPEN!
  10. Meaning! You have Purpose, faith, and hope. YOU ARE ROCKERS who RULE and are INSPIRATIONAL.

I will add EATING to the list, because that’s what we simply love to do. Smile.

Thank you all for your GREAT ATTITUDE and UNDERSTANDING!

I am HAPPY that you are HAPPY & have one another in our awesome Rocker Family.

As ever,   Ellen

Note: Per the Website: The Ten Keys to Happier Living framework was jointly developed by Vanessa King and the Action for Happiness team in 2010, based on an extensive review of the latest research evidence relating to psychological/mental wellbeing